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NABA, BA Design, 2017/18

with: Claudio Larcher, Natascia Fenoglio, Vered Zaykovsky, Manal Abu Monassar, Luca Poncellini;

NABA is an active partner of the project TERRA, organized and directed by Istituto Oikos, a no-profit organization that promotes environmental conservation as a tool for socio-economic development in different areas of the world. Project TERRA aims at promoting the recovery of traditional techniques of leather tanning and leather handicraft within the Maasai communities that live in the dry lands of northern Tanzania, in the Arusha region.

The role of NABA in the project is to design a collection of little objects, products and accessories that can be manufactured by the Maasai community and traded in the local touristic markets or online. The TERRA project pursues a double purpose of sustainability:

— developing a new micro-economy to benefit the community of Maasai women.
— transforming scrap (at present time, goat skins are treated as waste) into a resource.