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Landscape of Planet Earth


Landscape of Planet Earth

NABA, BA Fashion Design, 2017/18

with: Colomba Leddi, Alessandro Manzi, Miao Ran, Simone Liscio;


Fashion business has become an incredibly huge reality. A lot of people use fashion to express their identity, which is changeable: that’s costume play. Clothes are the most powerful generators of identity that a person can wear. Sometimes, they almost seem to be more important than the people themselves. More and more clothes are produced, at an increasingly fast pace, in a continuous loop. We are human beings; we are born, we grow, and when we die, our physical presence disappears because we are made of organic matter. But clothes continue to exist even after use - both sustainable and not sustainable clothes - their physical existence survives until they get burned. We can not imagine how many tons of clothes are produced every year. And how many in the next 50, 100 or 150 years? Our Earth will be covered with clothes. And what if they will become a characteristic landscape on our planet? Or perhaps the only one?

(Miyuki Yajima)