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Sleek Cans, special edition 2016


Sleek Cans, special edition 2016

NABA, BA Art Direction and Graphic Design, 2015/16

with: Angelo Colella, Patrizia Moschella, Antonio Anaclerio, Laura Bottai, Antonio Motti;


The winner project by Martina Cutrona.

We ask a creative exploration on the theme about the origins of tea culture, with reference to the East (China, Japan) but also to India. The elements of this exploration will be integrated in the current graphic setting, keeping as much as possible continuity in terms of basic colors and weight of the elements that make up the system.

Through reference to the fabrics, decorations and colors has created a direct connection, simple and recognizable to the Eastern tradition and the world of you, in his green declinations, peach and lemon.


  • illustration lemon
    illustration lemon
  • steso_lemon
  • Illustration_Peach
  • steso_peach
  • illustration green
    illustration green
  • steso_thè verde
    steso_thè verde
  • cromie
  • sleek cans
    sleek cans
  • super close up ;)
    super close up ;)
  • the project has been printed in thousands of pieces
    the project has been printed in thousands of pieces