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Moment in Design


Moment in Design

NABA, BA Fashion Design

with: Cinzia Ruggeri, Nicoletta Morozzi; for: Pandora


Fifteen students of the BA in Fashion Design and the MA in Fashion and Textile Design have interpreted the theme "Wunderkammer - tales of valuable worlds", giving life to real "rooms of wonders", each of which tells a story of meticulous details, where Pandora jewelry is the undisputed protagonists.

  • Luisa Alpeggiani
    Luisa Alpeggiani
  • Giulia Dean
    Giulia Dean
  • Tolika Assumi
    Tolika Assumi
  • Mariya Zaykova
    Mariya Zaykova
  • Mariya Doncheva Ruseva
    Mariya Doncheva Ruseva
  • Victoria Prokhorova
    Victoria Prokhorova
  • Guneet Cheema
    Guneet Cheema
  • Chiara Baratello & Cecilia Baroni
    Chiara Baratello & Cecilia Baroni
  • Sergio Chiodin
    Sergio Chiodin
  • Anna Benaglia
    Anna Benaglia
  • Micol Ottina
    Micol Ottina
  • Mariya Zaykova
    Mariya Zaykova
  • Natalia Razbrodina
    Natalia Razbrodina