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D-Marathon • past editions



D–Marathon #5

DM#5 Special Edition, November 24th- 25th, 2018
Domus Academy in collaboration with Reebok

Tech Style 2030
New sport-style scenarios and new concepts for shoes and apparel for Reebok 2030.




D–Marathon #4

DM#4 Special Edition, March 16th-17th, 2018
NABA, Domus Academy in collaboration with Ideal Standard.

innovative design concepts and scenarios for bathrooms of public, collective or shared use.

>> click here to see the Co-Bathrooms final projects



D–Marathon #3

DM#3, March 16th-17th, 2018
NABA, Domus Academy

project The QoL Factor, in collaboration with Sodexo
projects Smart Museum, Job Factory in collaboration with Cisco System

> click here to see The QoL Factor final projects
> click here to see the Smart Museum final projects

> click here to watch what the students think about the Design Marathon
> click here to watch what the companies think about the Design Marathon
> click here to watch some backstage activities... :)



D–Marathon #2

DM#2, April 6th-7th, 2017
NABA, Domus Academy

project Beyond Learning, in collaboration with Cisco System 
project Mobility, a new cultural approach, in collaboration with Repower
project Femme d'Avantgarde, in collaboration with Arago 

> click here to see Beyond Learning final projects
> click here to see Mobility, a new cultural approach final projects
> click here to see Femme d'Avantgarde final projects

> click here to watch the first and second day of this work adventure
> watch all Marathon video for NABA and Domus Academy.




D–Marathon #1

DM#1, Nov.25th-26th, 2016
NABA, Domus Academy, in collaboration with Cisco System and Hp

> click here to watch what the students think about the Design Marathon
> click here to watch some backstage activities... :)



D–Marathon #0

DM#0, Oct.20th-21st, 2016
Domus Academy, in collaboration with Leroy Merlin, 3M



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